Frequently Asked Questions

Will the product stick to dry plaster or do I need to prime the wall first ?

Yes – it will adhere strongly to virtually any surface – no priming of the wall is required

How long will it last ?

If it is installed correctly, Bellseal Fix’n Seal will be effective for at least twenty years.

Can it be installed to a damp wall ?

No – the walls have to be dry.

What if the walls are not square ?

This question comes up a lot…

Offer the bath or shower up against the wall.  If the bath or shower touches the wall at one end and there’s a gap at the other end,  remove the bath or shower and build the gap with plaster making good as required. Offer the bath or shower back to the wall and get it close as possible.

When fitting your product on an existing bathroom will I need to take off all the the tiles off the walls ?

No – you will only need to remove only the first row of tiles.

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